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Cancellation Watch – Tracking the weekly ratings and the cancellation prospects of the science fiction and fantasy shows currently airing on broadcast and cable networks.

Sci Fi Genre Gems – Nuggets from the worlds of science fiction and fantasy that may have slipped under the radar or faded from our memories but that are still deserving of our attention.

Sci Fi Ramblings – Reviews, commentaries, and/or just plain ramblings on any and everything concerning science fiction and fantasy.

Sci Fi Trifles – Useless but essential pop culture tidbits and trivia from the worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Once you’ve read them, you don’t know how you have lived so long without knowing them.

Sci Fi Web – There’s a lot of great sci fi/fantasy web series out there that too many genre fans don’t know about. This column is dedicated to filling you in on what you are missing.

Sci Fi Audio Files – Covering science fiction and fantasy audiobooks and places to find these books.

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