Cancellation Watch: Last Resort and 666 Park Ave Still in Trouble, Beauty and the Beast Looking Grim as Well

Following is the Cancellation Alert status as of Oct 23rd for all the genre shows currently airing (sorted by network).  Follow the latest news at Cancellation Watch and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter site.

Series Network Airs (EST) Preseason Cancel Alert Current Cancel Alert STD Rating
666 Park Ave ABC Sun 10 PM Medium Elevated 1.8
Last Resort ABC Thu 8 PM Medium High 1.9
Once Upon A Time ABC Sun 8 PM Low Low 3.4
The Neighbors ABC Wed 8:30 PM High Medium 2.3
The Walking Dead AMC Sun 10 PM Low Low 5.8
Person of Interest CBS Thu 9 PM Low Low 2.9
Arrow CW Tue 8 PM Low Low 1.3
Beauty and the Beast CW Thu 9 PM Moderate Medium 1.0
Nikita CW Fri 9 PM Moderate No Guess 0.3
Supernatural CW Tue 9 PM Moderate Low 0.9
Vampire Diaries CW Thu 8 PM Low Low 1.5
Fringe FOX Fri 9 PM Final Season Final Season 1.0
The American Horror Story FX Wed 10 PM Low Low 0.0
Grimm NBC Fri 9 PM Low Low 1.6
Revolution NBC Mon 10 PM Moderate Low 3.5
Haven Syfy Fri 10 PM Medium Moderate 0.4



Why Were They Cancelled? 

The Plight of Science Fiction and Fantasy Television in the Face of the Unforgiving Nielsens and Networks

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