Cancellation Watch: ABC Cancels Both Last Resort and 666 Park Ave

Coming as no surprise, ABC has announced the cancellation of its two freshmen genre shows Last Resort and 666 Park Ave.  The former airs on Thursdays at 8 PM EST and debuted to mediocre numbers that sunk even further since its premiere.  That latter airs on Sundays at 10 PM EST and debuted even lower than Last Resort and also suffered from a decline after its bow.  Last Resort received considerable praise from critics and genre fans seemed to respond favorably to the show as well, while 666 Park Ave never quite seemed to catch on.  ABC has indicated that both shows will be given the chance to air out the remainder of their thirteen episode orders before they are left to fade into TV oblivion.  Read the Full Article at This Link

Why Were They Cancelled? 
The Plight of Science Fiction and Fantasy Television in the Face of the Unforgiving Nielsens and Networks

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